Monday, July 31, 2006

Going on a Journey... I'm Not Scared

Well everyone, I am going away for a few days. This morning I shall embark on a journey to see a good friend of mine. Stephanie lives in Binghamton and is eagerly awaiting my arrival sometime this afternoon. I haven't seen Steph in a couple years and we always seem to have trouble getting together. So, naturally, her place is one of my first stops on my two week vacation. We have to get together when we can you know. I shall not be back in the area again till Wednesday, but don't miss me too much. I'll probably see you during my vacation too. I'll try to remember my camera this time. Especially since last time I went away with Adam, we forgot the camera. (Arg!!) Well, see you all soon... have a good coupla days till I return. Lots of love to all!


Martha said...

Traveling alone can be exciting (especially when you're with a friend). Figure that one out!

al said...

Have fun!