Monday, July 03, 2006

My Five Day Weekend- A Novel

This past Saturday, I drove myself out to see some friends and spend some time at the shore. I went to Carissa's house and then we met Liz at the sea shore. We packed a healthy lunch, took some photos, walked the pier and took some more photos. It was quite hot on Saturday and seeing as we didn't jump in the water (it really looked quite gross- rather green and thick) we decided to leave the beach and head for some good ol' cherry picking at my old place of employment. There weren't many cherries left, but enough for three girls to munch on. And besides that, I did get to see my dear friend Jean. She was glad to see me, and we made plans to make plans in the very near future. I also treated Carissa and Elisabeth to ice cream. It was tasty as ice cream usually is. Shortly after, we made the rounds and visited a few friends like Rox and Liz's Mom. Liz's Mom was busy working up a sweat mowing the lawn. Boy, did she wear herself out! We had to leave Liz at her house before going back to Rissa's. She had to work that evening at the "local" K-Mart. If you happen to be in the area sometime, stop in and see her... Anyway... to finish off the day, Carissa and I washed the siding on the porch with the hose and dish soap. It turned out to be a good game because one person scrubbed and the other sprayed and whoever held the hose was, obviously, in the best position... Then we got carried away and washed a couple cars. Not very well, because we didn't use soap... but we did get the dirt off. All in all, it was a good visit. I hadn't had a chance to see my friend Carissa in a long time because she was in school and I've been working alot. But it was a good start to my five-day weekend.

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Martha said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Reminds me a little of our Moms night out at the East's cottage. Too much staying up late laughing and being silly.