Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Mover In

My brother Joe moved in yesterday. He used to live with my big brother and his wife. But they are very happily expecting a baby boy sometime in late Dec (Christmas Eve) and have kicked him out. Okay, they did not really kick him out. But Joe has also started going to college this year and we are a bit closer to his classes, and it was just easier on him to stay here for a while. Joe has brought his cat and we have cleaned out a room for him to stay in. It'll be fun, I think, getting to know him more while he is here. We hope that it'll be an easier transition for him to be able to save up some $$ while going to school, so he can eventually have his own little apartment. There is no rush for that, but I hope we can be an encouragement to the kid (aw you cute wittle Josiah, you) and be around if he needs to be pushed in a direction or two. Isn't this exciting?


Stephanie said...

Wow so Josiah is living with you.That will be a change, and challenge.

Martha said...

He is not a puppy. He is a person. I wish he had a place to stay here but things have been rearranged in a way that makes moving back home after three years somewhat difficult. (Or has it been two? I lost track!) I love you, Joe!

Joe Fool said...

Thanks mommy. Oh and... I forgot.