Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Meme

My blog friend Jessica tagged me for this one. I love making random lists about me, so I don't mind being tagged more than once to do this meme. Hope you don't mind hearing my list of random, and possibly embarrassing, things about myself.

Six random facts about me

1) I collect receipts for unknowns reasons. I used to record what was spent on what. I don't record expenses anymore, but I still keep ALL my receipts. Embarrassingly enough, I have nearly three years worth of them in my filing cabinet.
2) I am often paranoid about contracting some strange ailment such as pink eye, ringworm, sinus infections, or strange growths in my abdomen.
3) I will be 23 on the 23rd this month.
4) I am in charge of my sister-in-law's baby shower. I will probably never so willingly volunteer for a similar position again. Everyone has different opinions and I can't stand being caught in the middle.
5) I start projects and never finish them. Bits and pieces of them lie around my house, begging for attention. But I am too distracted to apply myself for great lengths of time.
6) I have a strange inclination to try out for community theatre.

I will tag Stephanie
and G.I. Joe.


Rachel said...

So when you talked about taking 10 pregnancy tests this year...that was to detect if there were any "strange growths" in your abdomen? ;)Boy, the people that make pregnancy tests are getting rich off of you!

Martha said...

I don't think I've done 10 pregnancy test in my life... Of course, twenty-five years ago they were not as readily available. :)
I was always paranoid about that.

Stuck in the middle. I don't like being there either.

Bethany said...

No, the strange growths were unrelated to pregnancy tests. Just me being paranoid. blah...

Heather said...

The one about contracting a strange ailment on your abdomen is a very interesting one, Bethany:)

Martha, I know I have not taken 10 pregnancy tests in my whole life, either. Bethany must get out of the house a lot more than we did:)

Bethany said...

I said these were all possibly embarrassing and I now regret writing at least one... You weren't ALL supposed to comment on the same thing. Grr... But it such a relief to the mind and so easy to do! And it's not like I can say, oh I'll just wait a couple more weeks and then I'll know for sure, cause a couple months have gone by and I'd still be wondering, if it weren't for those little tests!!

And the strange lumps inside of me, I asked my doc about once, and he said since I was so skinny, I could feel my organs and that's what they were... I am a weirdo, I know. But at least you all know it now too and don't have a false impression of me and my "normalness" anymore!

Rachel said...

I don't think you're a weirdo at all. I went to the doctor for a strange lump, and occasional pain in the area of the lump once. The doctor did an ultrasound. Results...constipation. Now THAT is embarrassing! I didn't feel constipated at all, so the thought never crossed my mind.

Martha said...

See, Bethany. You and Rachel have something in common. ;)