Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Okay guys, be warned. The following is a girly type subject, though I'll try to be discreet about it.

This week I have been learning some new things. About a month ago I had decided to start tracking my basal body temperature. I had/have a friend or two who were doing so and I thought it would be helpful for me to learn more about my own self. Seeing as it has been two and a half months since I stopped nursing and my cycle has not yet resumed (not pregnant!), I'd at least like to be somewhat prepared for when it does. I happened upon this amazingly helpful site called "" where you can enter in your basal temperature and other body signs and it basically predicts your ovulation for you. You are supposed to take your temperature at the same time every morning (before getting out of bed). Generally speaking, you will be able to observe a dip and sudden rise in your temperature when ovulation has occurred and after a couple weeks, well, we all know what happens after that. My temperatures though, have been very "flighty" and inconsistent and I had been unable to see any sign of anything that was remotely typical. But, when I came upon this site and entered my temps on to their charts, they took an educated guess for me. So, we'll see how reliable this site is, right? Anyway, I've been having fun charting and reading up on this whole basal body temp. thing and suggest that anyone trying to have a baby check it out too, because it is a site mainly devoted to those trying to conceive. Cool stuff.


Martha said...

This stuff is also helpful when trying to avoid a pregnancy... at least that's what they say.

Sherri said...

The doctor suggested I do that before Caleb, I did it right up through when he was conceived and now have it all charted. God forbid he ever find the chart and is scarred for life!