Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Photos from the Big Game

I didn't realize my photos from the weekend were so piteously boring. But I said I'd upload pictures, so here are my boring Sabres game photos. Not that you'll find them especially fascinating.
Many, many anxiously waiting Sabres fans.
The guys in the blue and red forgot it was a Sabres hockey game.
We waited for something exciting to happen.
Some famous hockey player. He looked like a normal guy to me,
just wearing a REALLY expensive suit.
The opposing Toronto Maple Leafs. It was actually more exciting to be playing against a team that was from so near. Made the fans more varied and interesting.
This is the part of the game where everyong gets nervous because the Sabres are down by one. But no need to fear. They tied the game with five seconds to spare and ended up winning in overtime. That was pretty exciting. And loud.


Martha said...

Were the guys in the blue and red disappointed to find it was hockey and not football? Your pictures are great, just a little on the small side. I'm glad you had fun and it wasn't scoreless into double overtime.

Joe Fool said...

Hooray! Did adam jump up and down and scream at everyone like he does at home?

Bethany said...

Ha-ha Joe! We both did, but only when they scored the last two goals. :)