Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Think a Kid Lives Here

You'd think a kid lives at my house or something.
Good thing his Mom lives here too, don't cha think?

Oh, and on a side note, our coffee "table" was $5 at a garage sale. I love cool, old, bargains.


Rachel said...

I LOVE your coffee table! I have been looking for one of those for a good price for a couple of years now. I guess I need to go garage saling more. Some of our neighbors had one in the junk a while back, but it was in horrible shape. Even so, I was contemplating picking it up and restoring it, but someone beat me to it.

Priscilla said...

Great deal!

Carla said...

Bethany your house is so cute! I love it! We have a similar coffee table, it's a big OLD wooden chest we rescued from Jeff's grandma's basement and refinished. I love it!