Friday, October 10, 2008

My Big Boy

My Joshua is getting big. Last week he cut two molars and his incisors are cutting through too. His hair is long enough to play with and he walks all the time. He is wearing size 18 month clothes and his favorite word is "ball" and "Da". Joshua also weighs almost, if not, 27+ lbs. He is quite thick, meaning stocky, not fat. He takes after his Daddy in that sense. I find it quite funny when Josh finds a sock and tries to put it on himself. And I am enjoying watching him learn, especially learning to be obedient. It's quite great actually. Like the other day, I taught him not to throw his cup. He does need daily reminding, but has improved substantially. He has also caught on to the phrase I use when I don't want him to touch or do something. He'll stop and just stare at it like, "Oh, I so want to, but Mom said no..." Josh is going through the seperation anxiety stage too. He started crying at the daycare I work at, when ever I leave the room or walk away from him. He does this at church now too. I just sit him down and say, "Bye Josh, be good." And then I leave, hoping that he isn't terrible for the girls during the whole service. I pray for my boy every day and sing him "Jesus Loves Me" every time he goes to bed. That was my favorite song when I was little and maybe it'll be Joshua's too. I've uploaded a video so you can admire him walking. Ain't he the cutest little guy you've ever seen??


Martha said...

Beth, I love your little video. I miss him now. Hope I get a chance for a quick hug Sunday.

Rachel said...

He sure is cute!

Wanda said...

Yes, your little video are so cute.

He is getting so big.... Our grandson just told us our second great grandson is due in January!!

Our family just keeps growing.

BTW I have the same dinning table and chairs...they are in the garage for one of our grandkids to use, our little house doesn't have a dinning room, so I'm using my little glass table and wicker chairs in the kitchen nook.


Gudl said...

I met him today at the Rheinblick Restaurant!! He is even cuter in real!!! I was even able to hold him for a bit. Oh...I want a grandchild, too!!!