Friday, October 19, 2007

Nothing Left To Do

Since it is Friday, and not Thursday, I decided to posts fourteen things that I have cleaned in the past week, just because I am now supposed to take it easy.

1) Last Friday I cleaned out the shed and rearranged it so...
2) I could also clean off the deck and put away the summer chairs and the grill.
3) I started Saturday by cleaning the bathroom
4) and went on to clean my bedroom and rearrange the furniture so the cradle that my Dad made would fit better. Then I went out for afternoon tea with the girls. Sunday I took a break to celebrate birthdays at my brothers house. Yea for birthdays!
5) Monday I decided that Adam had once again made a mess of the basement and I needed to clean it. So sweep and straighten I did.
6) Also on Monday I cleaned the refrigerator. Finally the blueberry juice that had dripped everywhere this summer was gone!
7) I think laundry counts as well... Because I did all the laundry on Monday too.
8) And the stack of dishes that had collected since Friday were finally washed on Monday.
9) Tuesday I got down on my hands and knees and vacuumed under the couches in the living room.
10) The couches were also vacuumed on said day and the whole living room received a make over.
11) Also on Tuesday I swept every floor in my house, with the intention of mopping them on Wednesday.
12) Wednesday is the best day because I FINALLY cleaned the computer room, which had looked like a dump since we moved in back in April.
13) I organized all drawers and got rid of all kinds of papers and garbage.
14) Best of all (and probably the weirdest of all) is that I organized the file cabinet. It probably would sound better if you knew we got a new file cabinet and I had to move files from old boxes to new file cabinet. I'm not really going insane. ;)

As you know, yesterday I spent at the Dr's. office and at the hospital. Today was spent visiting my Aunt Priscilla. It was good that she came over because it relieved any temptation I might've had to do more cleaning, which would've been against the Dr's. orders. After she left I took a good nap. So now you know what I have been doing the week before baby comes... I say that because now the baby will come. It must come because I have nothing left to do.


Rachel said...

Plus, it needs to come before midnight tonight because Steven said so. I wanna visit too! I'll have to come over with your mom some day, and bring lunch, after the baby's born of coarse.

Bethany said...

Of course! Come on over!

Priscilla said...

It all sounds like nesting to me! That can only mean one thing. Baby will come soon.

I had a lovely time today.

Bethany said...

Me too... Glad you could come!

gmj said...

ahoouff, that was me making the pregnant lady sounds getting off the couch. So will giggles make Baby come sooner?

Bethany said...

Good impression Gmj! Sounds very much like I do... Hmm... Do giggles help? Maybe I should try jumping jacks, especially since I've only got six centimeters to go!