Sunday, October 21, 2007

Take it Easy!

Yesterday I was a bad girl and decided that I must get some grocery shopping done, despite the nurse saying to leave that to hubby. Adam has been very busy working and did not have Saturday off, so I called my Mom to see if she was up for any grocery shopping. I figured if my Mom was with me, it could be considered "taking it easy"... Right?

After four hours out and about getting all the shopping done, I headed home. I had been thinking about stopping at the local pharmacy to check my blood pressure, just out of curiosity and because I was slightly more puffy than the other day. So I stopped at Eckerd's on the way home and used their little machine. I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary, but when it first read 164/93 I was a little shocked. I asked the pharmacist if the blood pressure machine was pretty accurate. He said it was somewhat accurate. So I checked it again. Now it read 168/98. Um, that's pretty high... Especially when it's usually about 120/70 ish. Now I get nervous and decide to call Adam, who is still working. We decide that I'll call my Dr. and see what they say... So after I get home and unload the perishable groceries from my car (I left the others for Adam to bring in), I call. She says not to worry because often pharmacy machines aren't very accurate and they don't compensate for pregnancy or swelling, but that I should still come in and have a nurse take my blood pressure because they don't want to overlook something that may be important. So I call Adam again and he comes home. I hate bothering him when he is working, especially if it's not really anything, but I did want him with me. We drive up to the hospital together and my first bp reading there was 157/?. Pretty high, I think. So they took some blood, had me lay on my side and went to run the lab work again. They wanted to make sure liver function was still good and that's why they took the blood. They also took some blood just in case I had the baby. They also hooked me up to the monitor so they could read baby's heartbeat and any contractions. The Dr. came to see me and mentioned the possibility of pre-eclampsia and what they would do if the tests came back positive (induction). She also checked to see if I was dilated and to my surprise I was four centimeters. (Yea!) From nothing on Thursday to four on Saturday with no real contractions... Sounds good to me. After her little check I had a few mild contractions (a couple good ones, nothing that hurt bad, but different from what I had been having at home). I didn't get too excited but I think Adam might've when I told him. All the while, my blood pressure kept going down... because I was resting. Adam thought maybe we could have the baby soon and he wondered whether or not I'd have to stay. Obviously we didn't because the tests came back negative for pre-eclampsia (again) and my contractions went away... Like usual. So we had a nice little trip to the hospital, a good test run for Adam. On the way out, the nurse said she thinks we'll have the baby before halloween. I hope so, cause I don't want a halloween baby. I mean, I want the baby, just not the halloween part. Maybe this week... Suppose I'm a little anxious? And suppose now I really will take it easy... No more grocery shopping. And Mom, you did NOT wear me out!


Priscilla said...

Rest rest rest!!!! She or he will come soon. We are all waiting for the news.

Tonight the phone rang a little later than it usually does and I thought maybe someone was calling to tell me about your baby. But nope. It was actually a wrong number.

Rachel said...

Yes, you do need to rest...I hope you know that I'm just teasing when I say otherwise. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new baby in the family! You guys are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

me too! Me too! But most of all I want y'all like your Family be good to yourself..pamper you