Saturday, February 25, 2006

About: Hannah

Even though I am unable to post pictures at this time, I should still make an effort of being interesting to all of you. I have decided that, since my dear sister spent the night last night, I will write thirteen things about Hannah. Here goes...
1) Hannah is 10 yrs. old.
2) She likes card games.
3) She is my only sister, one for whom I waited (and prayed for) for many years.
4) Hannah is good at math and likes tigers.
5) She needs hugs once in a while.
6) She loves babies and gets to hold them more often than I do (hmph).
7) When she grows up, Hannah would like to join the circus as a trapeze artist.
8) Hannah plays with Ben, when she wants.
9) She used to ride the tricycle, but now she is too big.
10) Hannah has lost almost all of her baby teeth.
11) I think Hannah is pretty.
12) She has blonde hair and blue eyes.
13) She doesn't like boys (except Adam, he's ok).

There you have it. Thirteen things about Hannah. Viewer discretion advised.


Rachel said...

What a fun thing to do with your sister. I like hugs once in a while too, Hannah. I think I used to know how to play Spit, but I can't remember. Maybe Hannah can teach me when we get together for game night.

Bethany said...

Oh yeah! Game night! When is it again?

Jim the 3rd said...

Thanks for saying "viewer discretion advised" at the END of the post. A lot of good that does.

Hannah said...

You think!!!!

Priscilla said...

Audra and Allen play spit. On occasion, I have joined them. Sounds like a fun overnight.

Rachel said...

I don't think we have an official date, but I think March 18th sounds great for us. What about for you guys and everyone else?