Monday, February 06, 2006

Car Trouble and More

My car is once again in the garage. And I don't mean my own garage. The battery light is on which means the alternater is bad. Dan, the fix-it-man, said he would look at it and maybe have somebody rebuild the bad parts, instead of buying a new one because of the age of my car and how many miles are on it. Adam and I were hoping it was just the battery, but after we replaced the battery yesterday, the light was still on. So the battery just wasn't recharging. Dan was afraid I wouldn't make it up to the shop, but said to come during the day when it was still light out so I wouldn't have to use headlights. I couldn't even use the heater because that might drain the battery. It was a cold drive to Courtesy Auto. Good thing it wasn't too far. Now I have to find something to drive to work tomorrow. Do you think my brother would loan me his old car? My in-laws need their truck 'cause their van's also in the shop. We just have too much car trouble.

Speaking of trouble, Louis has tapeworms. Yuck. Poor little guy, no wonder he is always so hungry. We need to have him dewormized. The vet in Williamson said it was $32 for a vet visit and then medicine $ on top of that. I called my parents vet in Sodus and they said it would be $7.20 for medicine, no vet examination needed. Sounds like a better deal to me. Just means I would need to drive to Sodus... Life just doesn't slow down, does it?

Good news... I got the book I ordered in the mail today! I ordered it off Amazon (good place to get books... cheaper than Borders and Barnes and Noble). It is a storybook by Robert McClosky. Has three whole stories in it! Blueberries for Sal, Lentil, and One Morning in Maine. I am so excited! Maybe Adam will let me read it to him... ok, maybe not. Anyway I bought it for a grand total of $10.43 ( including shipping) when one would've had to pay $19.99 for it at Borders-and that's not including tax. I am such a bargain hunter!!!

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