Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thirteen Things about the Man I Love

Since today is Thirteen Thursday day, I decided to write thirteen things about the man I love. This is a picture of some of his handi-work.
1) Adam was born in Buffalo, NY and he has one brother.
2) He owns his own business doing heating and air conditioning.
3) Adam doesn't like painting or raisins (when in foods)
4) He loves ambrosia salad.
5) He has found a new passion in cooking.
6) Adam loves and honors his parents.
7) He likes to kid around.
8) He also like kids.
9) Adam can often be found on roofs, in basements, or even in ceilings.
10) Adam loves Jesus and became a Christian when he was 17.
11) He likes to listen to WHAM and is excited about Glen Beck coming to television.
12) He likes the couch.
13) Someday, he wants to have kids- but not quite yet.


Martha said...

Raisins in food I like, but not painting in foods. That would not be good.

Hannah said...

What a nice hubsand!

Bethany said...

I guess painting in foods is yuck... but you know what I meant!

Priscilla said...

Jamie doesn't like raisins either.