Sunday, February 19, 2006

Camaras and Keys

Hello all! Good news on the camera. We returned the one we got before our honeymoon (because it wasn't working... it would work for 3-5 minutes and then freeze up) and bought a different one made by Kodak. See how we support the local economy? I like it so far (after 4 hrs) and I think we'll have fun using it this week. We also bought a picture card to use with it, which will encourage me to take more pictures more often. Goody-goody!
We were locked out of our house this evening when we came home from church. We traded vehichles with Mom and Dad because we are using their van to take kids to the retreat and I left my house keys on the key chain I gave Mom. She is going to come visit Louis while we're gone and she will need those keys. Adam had left his keys at home but we thought we could get in through the basement. But the door was locked or something so I had to run to our landlord's and ask him for the key. Luckily they don't go to bed real early as it was 9:00. But they didn't seem to mind and Mrs. Landlord said the banana bread I made for them was really good and that I was a good baker :) :) Anyway when I got the extra key and went back across the parking lot, Adam was climbing in the window. I guess he'd make a good bandit... breaking in and stuff. So we didn't really need the key unless Adam had decided to act civilized and turn from his bandit-practicing ways. Oh well, I still used the key to unlock the back door because I am quicker than Adam, even if he was already inside.
Well, I have finished packing for the evening and will have to finish in the morning after we are up and going for the day. So we shall be off tomorrow. I wish you all a good several days and shall return to blogging when I come home. God bless and good night!


Priscilla said...

Have lots of fun! Your uncle and I worked with the youth when we were newly weds. This brings back memories of Young Life.

Martha said...

That story sounds just like something that would have happened with Dad and I. Too funny!
PS. I like your cat. He's naughty.