Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Louis the Lionhearted

Today is Wednesday and I'm home with Louis my cat. Perhaps I could tell everyone 13 things about Louis.

1) Louis was found wandering the streets in Greece.

2) We adopted Louis from Lollipop Farm.

3) He was a Christmas present from my husband, Adam.

4) He is black with a few white spots on his chest and tummy.

5) Louis is around 6 months old.

6) He likes to climb my back when I am brushing my hair.

7) He likes sitting in or on the edge of the bathtub.

8) Louis attacks my fuzzy white slippers with a vengeance!

9) He sleeps in the bed almost every night (or at least he used to).

10) He eats a lot!

11) Louis and Adam play almost every night when Adam comes home.

12) Louis thinks the basement in an exciting place to explore.

13) Louis loves guests!!!


Martha said...

Poor Louis, wandering the streets of Greece! Kinda reminds me a little of Oliver and Company....

Priscilla said...

Can he speak Greek?

Bethany said...

Not yet, but he'd like to learn his native tongue