Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thirteen Things About Baby Brother Ben

Today is thirteen things about Ben day... I shall start at thirteen.
13) Ben is my brother
12) he is twelve years old... even though I thought he was eleven
11) his pants always have holes in the knees
10) he drinks hot chocolate for fun
9) his favorite color is red!
8) he has four brothers and two sisters (I am one of his sisters)
7) he likes sledding and hates cookies
6) he plays piano
5) Ben is a silly goose
4) he plays with his sister only when he is bored
3) he would like to go to Africa to catch a lion
2) Ben's nickname is Bob
1) Ben reads his Bible


Shelly said...

He doesn't like cookies?!!! What's the matter with that brother of yours??

Shelly said...

Doesn't like cookies?? what's wrong with that brother of yours?!!

Bethany said...

de ja vue...

Shelly said...

Yeah, well... I forgot that you had to approve the comments and well, ummm... I couldn't figure out why on earth my comment wasn't showing up. (blush)

Priscilla said...

He doesn't really hate cookies, does he?

Rachel said...

And, he's related to me(He's my nephew)! He like's cookies, doesn't he?

Martha said...

BEN many times have I eaten cookies at your houses? I love cookies! Rachel, don't you remember me eating cookies at your house? Beth doesn't know what she's talking about.

Rachel said...

I thought he ate cookies at my house, but then when Beth said he didn't like cookies I thought maybe he was just being polite.