Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentines Celebrations

Hello everyone! Today I worked for Peg again. She is sick. Poor Peg. I don't mind working... keeps me out of trouble :) Actually, I took next week off so I could go with the Juniors (the kids from church) on their winter retreat, so it's nice to have a few extra hours to fill in the lack. I'm also working tomorrow. Not waitressing, but clerking. That'll be something different for a change.
After work I met Carissa for post lunch at a diner in Alton. We were celebrating Valentines together like we did last year when we didn't have anyone but each other. It's a little different this year because we both have Valentines of our own. But we called each other our "other" Valentine and held to tradition and celebrated together. This year I brought her a pink tipped rose and a small box of chocolate. Last year she had brought me a rose and a Valentine card, so I had to make up for my lack of gifting last year :)
Speaking of Valentines, Adam and I had a nice evening together. We stayed home and Adam made an absolutely lovely dinner. He made a lobster tail and shrimp in a delicious cheesy sauce and pasta with red sauce. It was soooo yummy and it made my tummy happy. We had a nice first Valentines Day together.

Well, enough of me. What about YOOOU?!?


Priscilla said...

WOW! Lobster! That's very impressive!

Rachel said...

What an awesome thing to have, a honey that cooks. My honey cooks sometimes too, even though I do most of it. He has never made lobster though, maybe because I don't like to eat it. I love watching him eat it and dip it in the butter, it's very entertaining. Hey Adam! Don't those things scream when you put them in the hot water? I hope you wore earplugs.

Bethany said...

We actually just had the lobster tail, which already comes dead from the store. No screaming involved! He boiled it and put it in this cheesy, creamy, tasty sauce. Yum, yum, yum!

Rachel said...

That's good. I don't feel so bad now.